Raissa Muller, Inventor (Brazil)

Her Ocean-Saving Sponge that Cleans Oil Spills

Raissa Muller, a 19-year-old Brazilian Inventor, speaks about her inspiration during the “Water: The ‘Oil’ of the 21st Century” session at the 2015 Global Summit of Women in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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2015 Youth Innovators from Brazil

From left: Lorrana Scarpioni, Luisa Ribeiro and Deborah Xavier at the 2015 Brazil Youth Forum

In 2015, GlobeWomen featured several young women innovators in a panel on Generation Y in Business. Deborah Xavier, Lorrana Scarpioni and Luisa Ribeiro are CEOs of their own companies. Raissa Muller is a high school student inventor. The young women were selected for their excellent qualifications to share their unique perspectives on leadership, youth entrepreneurs and business.

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Deborah Xavier, Founder and CEO of Jogo de Damas

Deborah Xavier created a web-based network called “Jogo de Damas” that is focused on providing smart content and events for women interested in business, entrepreneurship and career growth. Read more…


Lorrana Scarpioni, Founder and CEO of Bliive

Named as one of Brazil’s Top Ten Innovators by MIT’s Technology Review, Scarpioni developed a collaborative network that trades time and skills instead of money. Read more…


Luisa Ribeiro, Founder and CEO of Gema Ventures

Luisa Ribeiro is Co-Founder and CEO of GEMA Ventures, which provides support to global start-ups. Earlier, in 2012, she founded and directed Papaya Ventures. Read more…


Raissa Muller, Inventor

Raissa Muller is a high school student who developed a material which works as a selective sponge to facilitate a simple and effective technique to contain oil spills. Read more…

2014 Youth Innovators from France


Florence Verzelen, Director, Procurement Preformance Plan GDF SUEZ

Florence Verzelen is in charge of the Performance Procurement Plan of GDF SUEZ. Formerly, as Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ, she was the first female CEO in Qatar’s energy sector. Read more…


Laetitia Puyfaucher, CEO Pelham Media

Laetitia Puyfaucher is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pelham Media, a global stakeholder engagement agency with offices in Paris, London, and San Francisco. Read more…


Mélanie Marcel, Co-Founder, SoScience!

Mélanie Marcel is the Co-Founder of SoScience!, a start-up focusing on responsible research and innovation. She is one of the pioneers of a modern way to approach scientific R&D. Read more…


Mudau Nhlalala, Techno-girl Competition Winner

High school students Mudau Nhlalala and her classmates won the Techno-Girl Entrepreneurship competition hosted by South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry for their innovative business concept. Read more…

From left: Florence Verzelen, Mélanie Marcel and Laetitia Puyfaucher receiving a question at the 2014 France Youth Forum
From left: Florence Verzelen, Mélanie Marcel and Laetitia Puyfaucher receiving a question at the 2014 France Youth Forum

In 2014, GlobeWomen featured Florence Verzelen, Laetitia Puyfaucher and Mélanie Marcel in a Youth Forum. These top young women innovators participated in a dynamic panel on youth in business and leadership positions. Techno-girl competition winners from South Africa, headed by spokesperson Mudau Nhlalala, were also invited to the Summit to represent young women innovators.

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