The Global Summit of Women with European Women's Management Development present

Legacies of Women Forum-Graz, Austria

Maud Pagel

Since 1998, Ms. Pagel has served as Executive Vice President of Equal Opportunity and Diversity for Deutsche Telecom.Ms. Pagel’s career in the telecommunications industry began in 1962 when she joined the department for telecommunications of the German Federal Postal Administration. For more than 20 years, Ms. Pagel was a member of the Works Council, and, since 1985, a member of the General Works Council. She also is a member of the Economic Committee and a former member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telecom.


Tina Reisenbichler

Tina Reisenbichler, President of European Women's Management Development Network since 2005, is an internationally respected leader in the field of telecommunications. A current member of the Executive board for T-Systems Austria GesmbH, Reisenbichler has been responsible for International Sales Telecommunications at the company since April 2007. Previously, she acted as Head of Telecommunications Services for Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. Before her career at T-Systems, Reisenbichler served as the senior telecommunications officer for the Chamber of Labor for Lower Austria and Vienna.

Aida Sabo

Aida Sabo leads the Corporate Diversity Function at EMC. Working with EMC’s Leadership team she executes Living Diversity @EMC, a company-wide strategy focused on attracting, retaining, and developing top talent globally by advancing multi-cultural competence and providing an innovative and inclusive environment. Prior to EMC, Aida was Diversity Director at Agilent Technologies in Palo Alto, California. She was the impetus behind “Diversity Made Real” – a leading edge global initiative that brought to light the importance of inclusion, the many dimensions of diversity, the attributes of a ‘diverse leader,’ the global perspective, and its business imperative. She was the founding president of HP’s first Latino Employee Network and a delegate at the White House on sharing Best Practices on Diversity with other Latino Corporate leaders in the U.S. Aida has her BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, Davis, specializing in electromagnetics. She completed graduate work at UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech.